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CW Article Attachments

Created on Thursday, 13 December 2018   »Extensions
ComponentPluginModuleJoomla 3Joomla 4 beta

Bringing REVOLUTION in managing Files and Documents in Joomla!

Fast and Simple Attachments manager for Joomla Articles

CW Article Gallery

Created on Thursday, 13 December 2018   »Extensions
ComponentPluginModuleJoomla 3Joomla 4

Bringing REVOLUTION in managing Image Galleries in Joomla!

Fast and Simple Image Gallery for Joomla Articles

"You will love it!"

CW Form

Created on Tuesday, 31 October 2017   »Extensions
PluginJoomla 3

Making forms in articles just couldn't be easier!

Fast and Simple and user friendly forms for Joomla ArticlesDrag and drop form interface right in the Article Edit form page. Very easy to use and effective way to manage forms for Joomla Articles. You will love it!

Installation & Guide

Created on Tuesday, 24 November 2015   »CW Rating
PluginJoomla 3


Install CW Ratings & Graphs plugin:

  • CW Ratings & Graphs(content plugin)
  • After installation publish this plugin (you can use link from post-install description).

....And that's it. You dont need to configure anything else and you are ready to go!

...unless you want to ;) Then follow the guide...

CW Multicategories

Created on Saturday, 05 September 2015   »Extensions
ComponentPluginJoomla 3Joomla 2.5Joomla 4

Allows you to TRULY publish Joomla! articles into MULTIPLE CATEGORIES. Not any roundabout!

Works for backend & frontend! + Preview Button in Article edit page! 

CW News

Created on Saturday, 05 September 2015   »Extensions
ModuleJoomla 3


News Module for dislaying Joomla Articles. Provides multiple attractive responsive layouts with plenty of settings to achieve your desired module output.

Version 2 has been released and it is awesome ;) Just check it out!

CW Ratings & Graphs

Created on Saturday, 05 September 2015   »Extensions
PluginJoomla 3Joomla 4

Surprisingly easy way to work with ANIMATED RATINGS & GRAPHS in Joomla Articles!

Easy Animated Ratings & Graphs for Joomla Articles. Very effective way to display ratings & graphs inside Joomla Article's content. You will love it!

CW Tags

Created on Saturday, 05 September 2015   »Extensions
ComponentModulePluginJoomla 2.5Joomla 3

Complex Tagging system for Joomla content! Unique system for IMAGE or TEXT tags!!

based on rich settings. AJAX & jQuery powered - for fast and interactive management. Autocomplete suggestions for search tag input and add tag input! Own search engine.

Installation & Guide

Created on Saturday, 05 September 2015   »CW Multicategories
ComponentPluginJoomla 3Joomla 2.5Joomla 4Alpha

Install the component:

Download CW Multicategories and install - component.

And thats all. Just one click install and all is done.

Since version - Install file contains following group of component + plugins:

  • CW Multicategories (component)
  • System - CW Multicats Plugin
  • System - MVC Override for CW Multicats
  • Content CW Multicats - Page Navigation
  • Ajax - CW Multicats
  • Quick Icon - CW Multicats Updates Notification

All is ONE-CLICK install and plugins will be installed and activated during compononent installation.

Live Examples

Created on Saturday, 05 September 2015   »CW Rating
PluginJoomla 3

Let's find out what can be achieved with CW Ratings & Graphs plugin...