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Complex Tagging system for Joomla content! Unique system for IMAGE or TEXT tags!!

based on rich settings. AJAX & jQuery powered - for fast and interactive management. Autocomplete suggestions for search tag input and add tag input! Own search engine.



  • Text or image tags, under or above article content
  • Displaying related articles in article detail - configurable parameters
  • Displaying Tags in article detail view and blog and featured view (possible to disable)
  • Filtering categories - Tags can be managed in category structure for easier tag management
  • Autocomplete for search tag input and add tag input!
  • Possibility to customize CW Tag module - using search with autocomplete, tag cloud using images or text and using tag sizes according to tag frequency or static size and more...
  • Own search component - tag search doesnt use native Joomla search! - configurable parameters.
  • Component Update system
  • ACL for component
  • No problems with SEF
  • Save and Copy article will copy tags in new article
  • Batch Copy - copy tags in new articles will create also tags
  • Friendly support :)
  • Display tags above or under article content OR turn off
  • Use {cwtags} syntax inside the content to display tags in place where you want
  • Metadata for search results - helping SEO
  • Added drag n drop sorting functionality for sorting assigned tags "live"
  • Added URL for tag - this feature allows you to add custom direct url for some tag, so if you click on tag, it will redirect you to this link instead of serch list by tag
  • Added metadata for tag - will be added to metadata of search by tag page.

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