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Bringing revolution in managing attachments in Joomla!

Fast and Simple Attachments manager for Joomla Articles. Drag and drop upload and sorting attachments right in the Article Edit form page. Very easy to use and effective way to manage documents and attachments for Joomla Articles. You will love it!


  • Simplest and fastest Attachments for Joomla Articles
  • Adds a tab for attachments into Joomla Article form
  • Manage Attachments right on the article edit page
  • Drag and drop file upload
  • Drag and drop sorting attachments
  • AJAX & jQuery powered
  • As simple as possible to be user friendly!
  • Position of attachments at the top / bottom of article text or inside the text with syntax
  • Editor button to add attachments syntax into article text
  • Responsive output display


FRIENDLY SUPPORT appreciated by many users of our extensions. ONE Click install package for all 3 used plugins and you are ready to go! (Check if you have published plugins;) Find more informations in Guide.


  • Edit attachment caption
  • Edit attachment description
  • Edit attachments image (custom image for attachment, beside automatic file extension icon)
  • Publish Status of Attachments
  • Setting Access Level for EVERY single attachment in the article individually
  • Using plugin syntax to customize attachments output in MANY ways
  • Using multiple syntaxes in article content to display multiple attachment instances in article view - each with own settings and different part of attachments from all created attachments in article
  • Different layouts - using show/hide for different parameters - filename, filesize, file description, file icon (automatically chosen by file extension)
  • Download button for attachment in administration - can be useful:)
  • Hide/Show unpublished items in administration - can be useful:)
  • Show Attachments from ANY OTHER article - by providing Article ID from which should be attachments loaded
  • Multilingual Attachments - set language to an attachment so it will be visible only for this translation
  • Component - for managing ALL attachments directly from one place
  • Using FileTree system for using files from server folder - /images/ without uploading a new file
  • Joomla 4 Alpha - COMPATIBLE

HINT: Are you looking for an easy way to create a catalogue of files for download? Don't want to use 3rd party components which may bring SEO problems, ACL issues (access permissions) etc.? Take advantage of using core Joomla Articles to create a structure of files for download.

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