Development Plan


  • images ordering - by date created/modified
  • Justified Layout - fix unreliable results

Coming in next update!

  • notifications - Image has been uploaded - added a filename to the message
  • create new gallery - parameters are taken from current global settings for new gallery creating. If some parameter is not set globally for any reason, it is used default parameter instead (like before).
  • image filenames - sanitize to prevent issues with special characters
  • thumbnails generating - option to disable additional helper thumbnails (keeping only basic thumbnail in original aspect ratio - usable for default classical Masonry Layout)
  • ...more minor maintenance steps for overall quality improvement


4.2.27 PRO

  • Fixed display galery in blog issue

4.2.26 PRO

  • Fixed issues with Module gallery filtering

4.2.24 PRO

  • Fixed issues in RSS feeds view
  • Possible to set ways of Ordering for images in the gallery view
  • minor bugfixes

4.2.21 PRO

  • Fix - sanitize filenames during upload. Caused "missing" thumbnails in gallery detail
  • some other minor updates

4.2.17 PRO

  • watermark generator fix
  • minor fixes in layouts

4.2.15 PRO

  • fix for 'filename' gallery images ordering settings in Component Options

4.2.14 PRO

  • Fix for Gallery list Menu item - bug with loadmore settings
  • Compatiblity fixes for CW Articles Attachments v 4.2
  • Fix for Backend Gallery List view - order by Article ID bug

4.2.10 PRO

  • Fix - Move Gallery to another article - Wrong TICK notice text
  • Fix - Add Images from Folders bug
  • Fix - Loadmore initial images count for Gallery Menu item
  • Modifications for compatibility with CW Article Attachments 4.2+ (currently being developped a new generation of this extension)
  • Group of minor bugfixes

4.2.8 PRO

  • HOTFIX - Image download from backend gallery edit

4.2.7 PRO

  • CSS fix for modal windows
  • Watermark generator fix - gallery settings were not properly used over global settings
  • Thumbnails generator fix - gallery settings were not properly used over global settings
  • Added Images ordering Direction settings
  • Changed file storing filenames conventions - keeping original filenames instead of hashing them. Same filename in one gallery will get postfix counter.
  • Fixed - fresh uploaded images had wrongly mapped modal window for details settings (was correct after page reload)
  • Fixed - broken thumbnail cropping for fresh uploaded images
  • Initial Images limit for Loadmore Enabled Mode - increased from max 30 to 100
  • Fix - Syntax overrides bug
  • Added - Syntax override for "cols" (column count)