Hover Effects

CW Gallery offers a group of different hover effects for image thumbnails. Some of them may be more suitable for bigger thumbnails as they work with borders and overlay mask styling effects. Please choose suitable hover effect that will fit your gallery layout settings together with your needs.

Advanced settings

  • Display Title - show/hide Image Title on Hover
  • Display Description- show/hide Image Description on Hover
  • Display Tags - show/hide Image Tags on Hover
  • Font Size - set a Image Title Font size
  • Import Open Sans - enable to import Open Sans font for caption texts
  • Zoom Thumbnail on Hover - by how many % will the image be Zoomed on hover effect


More settings...


How to show conten under the image

If you want to display image content informations under the image and NOT via Hover effect, do following:

  1. use Masonry Layout
  2. set Visible content to Show

See example:

masonry content