• CW Article Gallery

CW Article Gallery - Compare Free vs PRO versions

Available featuresFREEPRO
Unlimited upload 3 images per article
No Backlink
Drag and Drop image upload
Drag and Drop sorting images
Individual Thumbnail sizes for each Article
Create Custom Thumbnail - Image Cropping Editor
Thumbnail Sets
One-click Regenerate thumbnails in Article
Using syntax for placing gallery inside Article content
Display Gallery ANYWHERE
Edit Image Caption
Edit Image Description
Extended syntax usage - parameters
Multiple galleries inside Article
Advanced Lightbox Features
Options to set image captions and descriptions visible in gallery view or image detail view
Publish status of images
Using files from /images/ folder
Images Resize
Grid Layouts
Hover Effects
Performace Optimization
Load More
Thumbnails Keep aspect ratio
Engine Version v2 v4
3.x 4

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