How to Update CW Article Gallery from version 2.x to 4.2+

1) Update the package

1.1) Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install

1.2) Use dialog window or Drag and drop the ZIP package into the upload area


2) Publish Plugins

2.1) After installation, please go to Extensions -> Plugins and publish all CW Gallery Plugins

installation plugins

3) Recreate Thumbnails

3.1) Migration from version 2 to 3 brings a need of thumbnails regeneration as version 3 comes with a new thumbnail system. Thumbnails are not regenerated during installation process as it may take a long time on sites with a lot of images in the CW Gallery.

3.2) Go to Components -> CW Gallery -> Options -> Tab THUMBNAILS

thumbnails init


3.3) Click the button RECREATE THUMBNAILS