CW Multicategories

Supported Extensions

You may find downloads to some of supported extensions here (not all that are solved under ticket support system are added there though). Also these patched versions are not updated - updates of original versions are not followed!

For compatibility with JComments, you can use this solution - here

Language Translations

Language files for download (visible for subscribers):

Thanks to all that provided translations! However please keep in mind, that they are not updated in time so some strings may be missing in newer component versions.

Extended Power Features

If you want to make CW Multicategories more powerful on your site, install PKG_CWMULTICATS_POWER package, which is included in the ZIP archive of downloaded CW MULTICATS

Since version are powerpackage plugins included in main component installation!!!

Extended Power features:

  • Featured articles, Blog view, Article view - articles have all categories displayed, linking into the correct category view
  • Page navigation - in the article detail view routing correctly within the current category - even if article has multiple categories assigned
  • Administration - Articles list displaying all assigned categories

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CW Multicategories - DOWNLOAD

Download section for CW Multicategories. Install PACKAGE of CW Multicategories component.

NOTE: Files visibility is restricted by users permissions set by valid subscriptions

NEWS: We are introducing Plugin - checker for compatiblity of your CW Multicategories version x Joomla version (included in install package since v3.5.1.6)

Latest Version

PLEASE NOTE: Support for solving issues on your sites will be solved ONLY on latest stable Joomla and CWMulticats releases. Thank you for understanding. Solving issues in older versions that are available for download for your use is not technically possible as possible bugs may have been already solved in next updates already.


This download system is done by CW Article Attachments plugin

Installation & Guide

ComponentJoomla 3Joomla 2.5

Install the component:

Download CW Multicategories and install - component.

And thats all. Just one click install and all is done.

Since version - Install file contains following group of component + plugins:

  • CW Multicategories (component)
  • System - CW Multicats Plugin
  • Quick Icon - CW Multicats Updates Notification
  • System - MVC Override for CW Multicats
  • System - CW Multicats - Power Features Plugin
  • Content CW Multicats *Power* - Page Navigation
  • Ajax - CW Multicats *Power*

All is ONE-CLICK install and plugins will be installed and activated during compononent installation.