CW Article Gallery

CW Article Gallery - Compare Free vs PRO versions

Available featuresFREEPRO
Unlimited upload 3 images per article
No Backlink
Drag and Drop image upload
Drag and Drop sorting images
Individual Thumbanail sizes for each Article
One-click Regenerate thumbnails in Article
Using syntax for placing gallery inside Article content
Responsive layout
Edit Image Caption
Edit Image Description
Create Custom Thumbnail - Image Cropping Editor
Extended syntax usage - parameters
Multiple galleries inside Article
Multiple Layouts - gallery, slider
Multiple Lightbox engines to choose from
Options to set image captions and descriptions visible in gallery view or image detail view
Publish status of images

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CW Article Gallery - DOWNLOAD

Download section for CW Article Gallery Plugin. Install PACKAGE of CW Article Gallery plugins containing:

  • CW Article Gallery (content plugin)
  • CW Article Gallery Ajax Upload (ajax plugin)
  • Button - CW Article Gallery (editor button plugin)

NOTE: Files visibility is restricted by users permissions set by valid subscriptions
NOTE: For downloading FREE version, you need to be a registered user.

This download system is done by CW Article Attachments plugin

Installation & Guide


Install PACKAGE of CW Article Gallery plugins containing:

  • CW Article Gallery (content plugin)
  • CW Article Gallery Ajax Upload (ajax plugin)
  • Button - CW Article Gallery (editor button plugin)

After installation publish all three plugins (you can use link from post-install description).

....And that's it. You dont need to configure anything else and you are ready to go!

...unless you want to ;) Then follow the guide...

What can be set in parameters?

Parameters for loading a gallery can be set either globally in CW Article Gallery plugin or individually for each article in CW Gallery Tab in article edit form, which will override global plugin settings. Last way of influencing gallery output is via syntax - where are some available options for use.

  • Upload Directory - path for upload folder, start and end with / - example: /images/cwcourses/
  • Photos Limit - limit of images that can be uploaded in one article
  • Accepted Files Types - you can define which file types of images can be uploaded
  • Width, Height - thumbnails dimensions
  • Crop Images - Crop image during automatic thumbnail generate process? Thumbnails can be created manually in image detail config
  • Gallery Position - above or under article content. If { cwgallery } syntax is used, this will be blocked
  • Enable in Category Blog - if gallery should be displayed also in Category Blog view
  • Color scheme - light or dark
  • Lightbox Library - choice of lightbox script that will be used on image detail
  • Show Description on detail - will show image description on image detail in lightbox
  • Show info on hover - will show image caption/description on image thumbnail hover
    • Show Caption on hover
    • Show Description on hover
  • Gallery Layout - Gallery or Slider
  • Layout "Gallery"
    • Number of columns - fixed columns number. If not set, layout will be influenced by thumbnails sizes, responsively
    • Image border - will create spaces between images. Default value is 2(px)
    • Zoom - for how many % will be zoomed on hover. Default value is 5(%)
  • Layout "Slider"
    • Animation speed - speed of slide effect animation

Options for gallery SYNTAX

  • start - from which image should gallery load images - { cwgallery start=4}
  • count - how many images should gallery load - { cwgallery count=8}
  • layout - what layout should gallery load - { cwgallery layout=slider}
  • list - list of image indexes will show only selected images (this will override start and count syntax - { cwgallery list=2,5,11}

Separator for syntax codes is ;

{ cwgallery start=4;count=8;layout=slider}

will display gallery of 8 images from 4th image in Slider layout.

Want to see more about what magic can be done with this cool little yet powerfull plugin?
See Advanced Options - Live example

Live Example - Install and Go

This is basic usage of CW Article Gallery plugin. No extra settings done - Display done with Out Of The Box plugin default configuration.

Simply said - This is how it would look like if you would not touch any parameters settings.

This means that gallery is displayed:

  • Under article content
  • In gallery layout (album view of images)
  • Image captions in image detail view (no thumb hover informations on description in image detail)
  • Thumbnails dimension 200x160 (automatically generated)
  • Default lightbox on image detail
  • Responsive layout

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Want to see more about what magic can be done with this cool little yet powerfull plugin?
See Advanced Options - Live example

Advanced Options - Live Example

Let's find out what can be achieved with CW Article Gallery plugin...

If you dont want gallery displayed under(or above) article content, but inside the content, you can use plugin syntax. Default syntax is { cwgallery } (of course without spaces).

for Advanced examples we made this settings:

  • turned ON displaying Image Caption on thumbnail hover
  • turned ON displaying Image Description on image detail in lightbox
  • set a Lightgallery as lightbox script from available implemented engines

All following examples will use these parameters settings, they cannot be (yet maybe .) ) changed via syntax.

#Example 1: Basic syntax usage

{ cwgallery }
this syntax will display whole gallery with parameters that are set in plugin (or in article which override global plugin settings)

#Example 2: Layout - Slider

default settings will use Gallery Layout, you can however change it in CW Article Gallery Plugin settings or in Article Edit - CW Gallery Tab settings. Also you can set it via syntax:

{ cwgallery layout=slider}
this syntax will display slider layout - rest of parameters taken from article/plugin settings. Don't forget, you dont have to set these parameters via syntax if you set your gallery in article/plugin settings to work as you wish. We use the syntaxes to show multiple gallery instances where each one is different.

#Example 3: Displaying part of gallery

you can display only a part of uploaded images in a gallery instance.

{ cwgallery start=1;count=6}
this syntax will display part of gallery - 6 images from 1st one

{ cwgallery start=7;count=6}
this syntax will display part of gallery - 6 images from 7th images

#Example 4: Displaying selected images from gallery

you can display only a part of uploaded images in a gallery instance.

{ cwgallery list=2,5,6,8}
this syntax will display part of gallery - only selected images on 2nd, 5th, 6th and 8th position


Of course syntax parameters can be combined... only exception is that list will override start/count parameters. For example you can use syntax as { cwgallery start=1;count=4;layout=slider }

Check documentation of plugin parameters and what can be set in gallery settingsSEE INSTALLATION & GUIDE

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